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Letter from Selamawit Habezghi (08.07.2013): My Name is Selamawit and i was told about your Homepage today. I am really glad to see that i am possible to learn my mother language. I hear bilen everyday, but still it is hard for me to learn it. Even though it is easier to read Latin than geez, it is Hard to pronounce the words. Is it possible that you could add a sound to each sentence?

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Letter from Tekie Alibekit (08.05.2014): Dear Thomas, in 2010, a group of people based on the Scandinavian countries launched a Blin website called The website is meant to collect and preserve every written material about Blin language, culture and history.

The reason why we are writing today is about your book, Sustainable Livelihood as Important Factor in Food Security and Community Development in Bogos Region-Eritrea, 2013.

We consider your book as an important asset to the Blin people, and to the Eritrean people in general. We would like to congratulate you for writing such an important and unique book about sustainable development in our region. We are very much interested to post your book on our website, so that it could be available to all interested readers.

Even though your book is already digitalized, we felt that it was appropriate to consult you before posting it on our website. The attachment is an example of how its introduction may look, when it is posted on the first page of The picture is temporary, and it will be replaced by one of the pictures in your book.

Could you please, let us know if you have any objection to our plan? We thank you in advance. Tekie Alibekit, on behalf of Blin Forum.

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Letter from Dr. Zekarias Ginbot (22.01.2015)

Dear web-master/ editor  


I am just writing to express my appreciation to you about the way this website is organized and maintained; plus the quality of the content uploaded. I know that there is a big temptation out there to put lots of stuff as seen on other websites run by fellow Eritreans. I am not good when it comes to contribution but I thought, at least, you deserve a word of appreciation from visitors. I hope to come back to you soon with something that can be posted.  


For now, I was asked to lead a discussion on Cancer in an online meeting (Be’lina Wereba, Paltalk) and I needed your permission to use the content on cancer that you have posted as a reference.


Thank you,

Zekarias Ginbot

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Letter from Yosief Tesfaghaber  (11.08.2015)


ሰላም ናውክ ይሻን ሓይሳን፡   

ጃር ሓሸምንተት ን ይና ዓዳትሲ ግሪም ሃብዲነ በርህድናኽር። ላኪን ኣን ወንቀራ ሻን። ሊን ይና ዳትዲ ሕጊ ወረቢውዲ ህንበኩና። ን መራ ገረምዳለ ጋር ዋንተን ላኪን ውሪ ይነጭር ዓዳት ሕበርናኹን። ገለ ን ዓዳት ሕበርሰው


1. ግድላ ደሽክልያ

2. ደሀብ ደሽክልየው

3. ሰረን ደሽክልየው


ዳት ነውሊ ሕበበርነስ ኣዋሃብነ ደውሲኖሉ ገረስናኹን? ክድመት ጀረብደኩና።


ዮሴፍ ተስፋጋብር

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Letter from Redie  (11.06.2016)

To: daberi@hotmail    


First I want to thank you for your hard work and taking responsibility of our language. I have a question, I live in the Nederlands, how can I get one of the books posted on daberi.or. Thank you.


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